#5942023, By TheGrevster Will the end of cross-platform end the console war?

  • TheGrevster 18 Mar 2010 15:32:30 16 posts
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    After listening to the Podcast, and hearing about the Forum and its lack of interesting topics, I've decided to try my hand at opening some debate.

    My question put simply is "Will the end of cross-platform end the console war?"

    Now, with many titles becoming non-exclusive to platforms such as Final Fantasy, coupled with a number of studios becoming independant i.e Bungie, do you think that because of the lack of money generated from singular console titles could end the ongoing battle between platforms?

    We've recently seen Epic claim ownership to Gears of War, with the possibility of it going to Playstation, and the same can be said for games such as Metal Gear. It seems that the differentiating factor between consoles used to be the titles they had on offer, but since that line is becoming increasingly blurred, and the technical specifications being closer than ever, could we possibly see the end of competition between them? Even to go as far as saying could we see cross-platofrm online titles, such as Fifa?
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