#5942103, By TheGrevster Will the end of cross-platform end the console war?

  • TheGrevster 18 Mar 2010 15:49:42 16 posts
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    Blerk wrote:
    TheGrevster wrote:
    Blerk wrote:
    Not a chance in hell.

    Loving the cynicism :)
    It's what I do. :-)

    Until the day arrives where's there's a single machine created by a single manufacturer (i.e. never), there will always be some reason why the internets thinks that game X on platform Y is better than game X on platform Z which proves absolutely that platform Y is a worthless piece of shit. It's the nature of the beast.

    I would agree that 1 console will never rule them all. I just think it would be inetersting to open up the possibility of cross platform gaming over the interwebs.

    Not only that but the possibility of such great exclusive games, going multi-platform i.e. Halo, God of War etc.
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