#5942180, By TheGrevster Will the end of cross-platform end the console war?

  • TheGrevster 18 Mar 2010 16:06:25 16 posts
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    Rob the Hermit wrote:
    Unless I read your opening post wrong, which is quite possible as I've got a splitting headache, your thread title is bollocks and should read end of console exclusives.

    And to answer that question, no. Because there will never be an end to exclusives. And nor would I want there to be. Exclusive titles are supposed to be system sellers, and therefore bigger and better than the average cross platform title. Whether or not this is true in most cases is a moot point, but exclusive titles are where most of the innovation going forward should be.

    Entire post could be rubbish. My head hurts.

    Sorry, I thought it was pretty clear that if games go mutli platform, that exclusivity would end, as thats obvious.

    Go take a paracetamol :)
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