#5946457, By Super_Zee A request: Ideas for a small game

  • Super_Zee 19 Mar 2010 17:36:02 2,105 posts
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    I'd make an iPhone top-down shooter with credits for movement and firing.

    So, your tiny guy is in the middle of the screen. The scene is frozen, music's feint, enemies set to approach from all sides. You must assign a mixture of movements and firing, each taking one credit. So, if you start with three credits, you can move up, left, then fire down. Once you've designated your credits you press "Go!", music blares and the scene comes to life. You move, the enemies move/attack, then if you're still alive it all freezes and you get to go again. The longer you survive, the greater the variety of baddies and the more weapons and credits you are awarded.

    Kind of like a turn-based Geometry Wars that would suit the device far better than anything that needs a fast response from intangible buttons.
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