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    I finally bought a 3DS, and zelda. Unfortunately I have to say that I was disappointed by the 3D implementation, which I now see only as a gimmick.
    In order for 3D to work properly, I must be watching at the right distance and orientation, and there's no way to hold that position for long, especially when playing fast action sections and frantically pressing buttons*. I found myself needing continuous adjustments of the console, ultimately paying more attention to how I was holding the console, than to the game itself. Tired of adjusting, I also ended up seeing double most of the times.

    I am quite surprised this was not stressed out more by reviewers (or I did not notice?). Luckily, zelda is a masterpiece, which makes me keep on playing. Maybe I'll get better at holding the console steady, eventually.
    All imho, of course

    *I am terrible at action games
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