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  • Phishfood 10 Jul 2011 10:53:46 53 posts
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    I've got a few minor problems with the current 3DS design.

    The edge between the bottom part and the middle part is hard to clean when dirt gets in there.

    The touchscreen recesses too much in to the DS making the edges hard to clean.

    D-Pad is a little too hard to press in comparison to DS Lite. Its giving me a lot of problems in Street Fighter. It would have been ideal if you could somehow switch the position of the circle-pad and d-pad whenever you want.

    Hinge is too loose.

    Select, Home and Start button is a little too hard to press and I'm often wondering if I'm pushing the center of the button. It should be clearly marked.

    Too easy to nudge the 3D slider, should not have placed it on the edge but rather below the right speaker.
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