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    binky wrote:
    midnight_walker wrote:
    Honestly Sticker Star bored me to tears, and I've played all the Paper Mario games and really loved them. It's absolutely nothing like the Wii version - it's really just a platformer with incredibly obtuse puzzles and a lick of paint. I found myself on Gamefaqs every 5 minutes - not sure if that just makes me completely thick, but I really didn't enjoy it and wound up getting rid of it about halfway through the game when I realised it wasn't for me.
    Hmm, that doesn't sound ideal. The random puzzles in the wii version were annoying enough. Perhaps I'll actually just get the credit from GAME and be happy with Luigi and MH. PLUS Animal Crossing in 2 weeks.

    That sounds like a plan all of a sudden.
    Or..you could keep LCU - you might like it ;)
    The Wii U version is currently the most played game at my house - if a game can grab a 5, 9 and 40 year old then it must be doing something right. Even my youngest finished the story with minimal help - and now he's collecting all the stuff that's lying around :)
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