#5966028, By montywithnail The Best Cookbooks Ever Thread.

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    My list:
    Nigel Slater - Appetite: The distallation of all his previsous book's approaches into a manual for cooking. Shows you a recipe in a unpretntious way and then gives you 5 options on how to change it to create different dishes. Brilliant for understanding what herbs to pair with which meat etc.

    HFW - Meat - Similar type of enterprise as Appetite but for meat seems to have aeverything you could want in it from good yorkshire pudding and dumpling recipies to roasting times for every conceivable dead animal.

    Nigella Lawson - Feast: I'm not one for baking but 18 pages of chocolate cake recipies coupled with impressive yet easy big dishes

    honourable mention to the two St john cookbooks although I've only ever tried the jugged hare trotter pie will be mine one day and Rick Stein's Seafood whihc shows you how to prepare fish, squid, octopus, shellfish from scratch ion a really straightforward way..
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