#5982554, By kincaide Chancellors face off (Channel 4 29-03-10)

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    Anyone watch the would be Chancellors on TV last night (ok, one is the Chancellor, but you know what you mean). I have to say I thought the Lib Dem guy came across the best - it's a shame I don't agree with a couple of key policies of theirs, so I will never vote for them.

    What surprised me is the biggest claps of the night were for attacks on the Tory guy. Seems they still have a LONG way to go before they lose their "toff" image - and that's despite all the problems Labour have been in recently.

    Mr Darling came across ok I thought. The two other guys certainly didn't attack him enough. But I don't think he is really the problem Labour have at the moment (it's more G.Brown).

    Still - that's just my opinion. And good to see stuff like this on Prime Time TV.

    Hung Parliament it is then?
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