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    Wardell and Newell and whoever else really need to move past the glowering and pointed shoulder-barging and whip their cocks out. I'll provide a tape measure to ensure no unfairness due to differences in curvature. It's getting a bit irritating that everyone "knows" digital distribution has become huge, just not how huge. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can see what upside releasing actual numbers would have for the distributors.

    bloodandcrisps wrote:
    Do the same people that complain that games need updating through Steam also complain when they need XBL to get updates for 360 games? (Or whatever the PS3/Wii alternative is)
    Possibly. Some people just don't like patches. Steam's on a PC, though, even if it is arguably trying to position itself as a pseudo-console at this point. While there are some proper - though I'd say minor - problems with it I won't dredge up for the Nth time, I just find its wrapper aspect a bit distasteful. I have enough trouble not considering Windows irritating bloat that has to be tolerated for video games; it'll take me another decade or so to get comfortable with an obligatory launcher that keeps trying to sell me things.
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