#5991692, By Spastic Eurogamer Expo 2010 - Session ideas?

  • Spastic 1 Apr 2010 14:13:58 10 posts
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    DFawkes wrote:
    A session where you all come up to Scotland, like I already deduced by science 100% of EGers wanted anyway! No? Oh.

    kalel wrote:
    How about a proper organised debate of some sort (violence/sex in games) or something. Could get some interesting people involved like Charlie Brooker or Anne Widdecomb.

    Now that I do seriously like. A discussion where thinking violent games are alright doesn't somehow default to wanting to force kids to play them like Alan "Unprofessional Guest Bullier" Titchmarsh did. Do remember to film it too please :)

    To be fair, I can well envision this going horribly backward and people getting up and shouting with little intellect or consideration and thereby making us look like an even bigger bunch of murderous idiots. Be good if everyone can manage to keep their cool-caps on, though.
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