#5993422, By Veracity Consoles vs. Arcades Regarding Steady Frame Rates....

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    Nitpick: wasn't the NAOMI marginally more capable than the Dreamcast? I might be misremembering and certainly don't recall how, even if I'm not.

    Shiny graphics sell games. It's still (and arguably always will be) more profitable to keep adding shinies until the hardware starts to creak than to spend more money on better optimization to produce something that never drops a frame but gives less attention-grabbing still shots. Maybe the odd exception if you're confident you're selling something for which shouting about 60fps will matter to enough of your target audience to be helpful. Seems a bit dismissive for such a wall of text, but I don't really think there's much more to it. Throw in the fact people will buy and adore Shadow of the Colossus and you're there.

    Arcade hardware has often been riddled with slowdown, too. Can you clarify where you're getting the claim it's always consistent, if that is what you're saying?
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