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    Josh128 wrote:
    Can you elaborate on what games you remember that were "riddled with slowdown" ?
    Yep, Blazing Star on Neo Geo was certainly one. It went sluggish if you got a lot of...things to come out of other things...at once. As Obiwanshinobi said, almost every Cave shooter has significant slowdown (possibly not Dangun Feveron, not sure). In them, though, it does seem to be a semi-feature, somewhere between stop-start awfulness and the SF2 effect you mention (see also any Treasure game where something explodes). G-Darius (ZN1, I think) had some. If I want to justify the "riddled", I think I'd go with Hellfire - it's ancient, but I'm sure I remember that really chugging in busy spots if you were using a powered-up 4-way shot. If you want a CPS one, I think Giga Wing does it a bit.

    I would agree with the generalization that arcade games prioritize performance more. Isn't that mostly just that they have to be instantly accessible and are usually twitchy, though?
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