#440342, By shirubagan OutRun 2 - Er, excuse me am I missing something?

  • shirubagan 22 Sep 2004 16:11:29 954 posts
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    IronGiant wrote:
    I've played the full single player game thanks and it's average at best unless you're a huge Outrun fan. As for looks the graphics aren't anywhere near the standard of PGR2, Burnout3 or RSC2. It's an arcade game though so it looks and plays like one, great for a few minutes then gets dull very quickly.

    I disagree. I think the graphics are fantastic, it's great fun and I don't tire of arcadey games... I still play Ikaruga, Crazy Taxi, Bubble Bobble, Wario Ware and hundreds of other 'arcade' games quite frequently.

    It's horses for courses, see. I dislike so-called "open" games whose illusion of freedom is incessant backtracking. I also hate games where I'm stuck playing the bastard for an hour or two before I can save and quit. That, to me - and I think no less of anyone who disagrees - is fucking boring, horrible and lazy design.

    I. M. O.
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