#5993666, By Veracity Help me become a casual gamer, please

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    The Backlog's mass is bending space-time in my street and the neighbours aren't pleased. I'm not playing enough 60-hour+ marathons of late to justify adorning my spaghetti-encrusted string vest with a "hardcore" badge, so I need to go over to the other side or end up a stateless vagrant. /blog

    Yes, I know the distinction's stupid. This has been set off by recent acquisition of GridRunner Revolution and Shatter, both "just video games" to an extent I've been missing for a while. So I got it into my head I'd like more, and the apparently burgeoning casual market I keep hearing about would be a sensible place to look.

    Just how many versions of Bejewelled are there, even before getting into knock-offs? 312 arena shooters, of which 204 are Geometry Wars, 103 Asteroids with annoying gimmicks that make me wish I were playing Asteroids, and five good games.

    I could knock up a prototype Breakout clone in an afternoon, so it's naive to have been surprised by this. But how the hell do you find the stuff you're going to like? "Real" gaming sites don't review this stuff, and I'm not really up for trawling user reviews if I can help it. You could argue these games are so simple it doesn't matter which one you play, but I don't think I buy that - the best have probably taken a deceptive amount of tweaking to get right. Specific recommendations would work, but what I suppose I'm really after - if it exists - is metacritic for match-three games.

    If this is how your DS-owning, PopCap fan mum feels on filtering Steam to FPS or RPG, incidentally, don't be surprised she doesn't want to play your murder simulators.
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