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    Game staff always ask me whether I'm looking for anything in particular about two seconds after I walk in the shop door, so I can only conclude that their mystery shops have a 'were you acknowledged when you enter the shop' section. It's a well meaning 'BEST CUSTOMAR SERVICE EVAR' thing, but it's utterly fucking pointless and annoying for everyone who isn't going to be ticking boxes behind the bins once they're done with you.

    And nowhere is it more facile than in a company that basically has a monopoly on the high street. I'm sure the training materials talk up the 'customer experience' as the main reason why retail still has its place in the internet age, but I'd say there's money being pissed away somewhere that would be better spent on simply making the prices more competitive.

    edit: Oh, and 'Game radio' (especially its adverts) is actually slightly more cringy than five minutes spent in a CEX store. And this is even after having been inside the Brighton CEX branch whilst they played Agado..
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