#6002293, By pauljeremiah Bought My Alienware (and yes I went overkill)

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    CouldntResist wrote:
    I kinda think the OP posted just to show off his new system, but on the other hand some of the comments here are giving off more than a whiff of jealousy and indignant 'how dare you have so much money' vibes.

    I'm going to make 2 fairly reasonable assumptions:

    1. He makes a decent amount of money. Therefore spending ~ 5,300 on a monster PC is not going to break the bank account
    2. He's willing to sacrifice some value for convenience and bragging rights

    All this about building your own for cheaper or playing games on lower spec PCs is irrelevant tbh.

    thanks and both points are true, and it's both convenience and laziness lol
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