#6002370, By pauljeremiah Bought My Alienware (and yes I went overkill)

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    I sense much anger in this thread.

    I think the pertinent question to ask is...

    Why is there so much anger? I'm not buying the good samaritan, 'oh you could have saved so much money' line.

    I thought he was loaded so I didn't mind he spent 6k on a 2k PC (see my post on the 1st page) but now i'm angry at him because he saved up for 2 years to buy it, he got scammed and he isn't loaded.

    it's not like I saved non stop, i just put money away, I still have a good paying job and alot of my money goes on camera equipment, like I spent 12k on a Canon XLH1 and I bought a Sony Alpha 900 last December. So money isn't an issue, it's because gaming is my hobby is why I decided to save for it.
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