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    Hi all,

    I have played many different free and subscription MMORPG/MMORTS/MMOFPS etc. over the past decade, I spent a good 3 years on Eve-Online. In the last year i have been pulling my hair out and slowly losing the will to play any games at all (surviving on re-playing final fantasy games on the ps1 to pass time). I need an MMO that will keep me occupied and motivated to play it for more than the time it takes to finish the tutorial.

    If anyone has played an MMO (im not fussy about age, graphics, cost etc.) that is not just repetitive gameplay where power is directly proportional to size of weapon and the only way to get the biggest weapon is to play the most. This removes any need for me to use my rather diminishing amounts of brain cells, and thus just makes a MMORPG a RPG + Chat room (similar to grinding on final fantasy while using MSN). Please if anyone knows any games or is in the same boat as me post links, names anything.

    Thanks everyone,
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