#6020360, By rutter Windows mobile 7 Vs Iphone OS 4

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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    Yes but does Android have a new version out soon?

    Yep, froyo next then gingerbread I believe.

    Anyway, it's all horses for courses. But what Vroom said about android and PC (which also applies to WM) is true. What's brilliant for some, open/open source, myriad of devices etc. is a bane for others. And I think Android was heading down the road of WM. So many different devices with different screen sizes/resolutions, hardware spec etc. A minefield. And operators & manufacturers slow to push out their own gimped firmware updates.

    However, this should start to be fixed with how google are going to look after things with Froyo.

    It's funny, since moving from my iPhone to my Desire this week I have panicked a few times when installing stuff from the Android market. Whan you get the description of what the app will have access to, which can in some cases be most of your phone it has crossed my mind that the apps haven't undergone the apple style review and approval process. Do many malicious apps make it through?
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