#7163323, By tiddles Bulletstorm: Epic games x People Can Fly

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    SlackMaster wrote:
    Doesn't appeal to me tbh... It's not that I'm put off by the violence, but it seems like it's violence for violence sake in this game, almost bordering on torture for fun. I'm not saying 'ban, this sick filth' or anything of the sort, each to their own, but if killing is to be done I'd rather be given a good reason for doing so i.e. survival horror, war etc not just 'killing with skill'.

    There's a surprising amount of "setting" in the full game which you don't get any sense of from the demo... it's a little light-hearted than, say, Gears, but you don't ever feel the action is pointless or gratuitous - there's even a justification in the story as to why you are seeing points etc pop up on the screen.
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