#6036165, By Xerx3s Why we haven't met any aliens

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    kalel wrote:
    To be clear, I'm saying the most logical answer to the specific question "why haven't we met any aliens?" is "because there are none".

    That's all.

    I'll put that in a different context.

    I am the only person on the planet where the "I" would be the human race and the "planet" would be the galaxy. For the past 75 years I have been looking for sharks of which only the last 40 years in a row boat.

    I ask myself: Why haven't I met any sharks? Your version of OR would say "because there are none" which is obviously bs.
    A more logical reasoning would be along the lines of "there is too much space to cover", "you need more time" or "you don't have the right tools" (or a combination of these).
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