#6036331, By Xerx3s Why we haven't met any aliens

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    kalel wrote:
    Xerx3s wrote:
    kalel wrote:
    I've just explained the point I'm making. You're still not getting it.

    I get the point that you're trying to make (from the get go), I disagree.

    I donít really think itís a matter of opinion to be perfectly honest. Iím not trying to say the point Iím making is proof that aliens donít exist or something, that would be a matter of opinion.

    Iím merely stating that viewed objectively with no context the most simple and logical answer to the question is that there are none to see, and seeing as the rebuttal youíve come up with involves adding in loads of context, Iíll continue to believe you just not getting my point.

    Maybe it's because I don't think that it's an issue that can be seen without context? If you are looking for a needle in a haystack, does it matter that you A) know what you are looking for, B) if you have been searching 1 second, 75 years or 10000 years and c) if you are using a pair of tweezers or a superduper xray machine of some sort.

    Of course it does, ergo, that interpretation of OR is wrong at this moment.
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