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    Latest PCG has a massive feature on this - finally revealing some concrete details...

    Some highlights...

    "THis isn't a linear shooter, either. Your base's phonetappers and police-radio scanners present you with choices as to where to go next and what to do, picked from a large map of the US. Rumours of animal attacks and strange weather patterns in a certain state?" etc.

    "take out your camera and record all this - you need the evidence, because evidence means more funding and research"

    "you don't have to cut and run, not like last time. Thanks to the data you've given them after previous missions, your researches have constructed a special anti-BLob grenade" (!)

    "It's incredibly unlikely that youll comb every area of one of its wide open missions maps, as health, ammo and armour are strictly limited to whatever you brought in with you... the alien presence grows and grows the longer you stay, so you need to make a judgment call between trying to gather more evidence and simply staying alive. Your car's just down the road - you could leave now..."

    Elerium gathering also a key part of gameplay! As is selecting your squad before a mission, constructing new technologies to take on previously-invincible-seeming enemies, etc.

    It's also set in the 1950s. 2k have a thing for that!

    negative points, however - "[the AI team] were little more than silent drones who could suppress but not finish enemies, and required an awful lot of rescuing. It's a far cry from the large, entirely controllable squads of the original, but there's a lot yet to be shown in that regard" - "Somehow, youll have developed these guys, equipped them, and thus have a vested interest in their survival" - tho not many details on that point yet

    Overall, i'm not as horrified as I was a week or two ago, that much I can say with certainty.
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