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    Dear Unclebenny,

    It depends what kind of pants.

    Actually, at its simplest, you could record into the microphone that most PC's and Macs have built-in, using QuickTime or some such to record, and LAME to encode after. However, you probably would not get the audio quality you were looking for, and editing would be a bit of a pig. The next approach would probably be to use a USB Mic and some proper recording software. And then upwards from there you can spend more and more.

    I think there are also some packages you can buy that are designed to produce podcasts with.

    We record our podcast in Mat's studio, which is genuinely set up as a recording studio, but that's just because we have it available and Mat's a nice guy; ultimately you really just need a nice quiet room with not much reverb, reasonably quality mic, recording, editing and encoding software

    Paul (Earlyflash) knows more about the uploading of podcasts so I'll leave that for him to explain.
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