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    Hey Flash, Piffle, Pete etc

    Had a listen to your podcast today. Very enjoyable overall. It was great to hear a UK podcast. I'm not gung- ho anti american but their podcasts often make references to products and release dates that just don't mean anything to me.

    Listening to a UK podcast that doesn't feature presenters putting on a phony amerian accent was also a huge relief (I'm looking at you cynical gamers UK).

    Obviously complimeting your accents and origin of birth isn't hugely constructive criticism so...

    I like the meandering nature of you chat, obviously youre still trying to find your feet in terms of structure so having a topic to talk about (as you plan for next podcast would be a good start) is a good way to go.

    I greatly enjoyed the rubbish games reviews especially as it came as a suprise to you all. More of that sort of thig if you can. Maybe all nominate another person to play one of your retrofavourite games from the past to see how they stand up now? One of many things you could do.

    Whoever ocassionally snorts down the microphone (perhaps due to a cold), stop it! Stop it now. Turn you nose away from the mike. It spoils the professionalism you have garnered by bumbling through news topics and recent games.

    I really think you guys should stick with Bayonetta and Battlefield. If you like devil may cry style slash em ups then bayonetta is the next step. the amount and range of combos you can use is immense, the oddball Japanese sensibilities some of you mentioned missing are abundant in this game. the plot makes no sense but thats not what I want when I'm beating up angels via the medium of pole- dancing moves.
    I take your points on battlefield being daunting, what with the huge maps and large varied weapon selection and the fact you have to unlock the medic tool is ridiculous. Stick with it however and its an amazing game. Best played in a communcating squad if you can get the people. when a full evenly matched battle is flying then spectacle is the only word.

    My vote for next time would be cheaters- I'd make a point of outlining what cheating and "dirty play" as I term it (i.e. using incredibly cheap tactics like hiding in corners or stupid little holes just to build a large kill count) has done to modern warfare 2. An excellently designed game that none of my friends ever want to play anymore as every game features someone glitching or cheating. The kill streaks only exascerbating this by rewarding cheap tactics.

    Any way I wrote loads more than I meant to. Keep up the good work guys.
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