#6039516, By hulahoops What to wear for an interview for a games job..?

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    iokthemonkey wrote:
    I've seen people - fresh out of college and experienced - turn-up late, not have a show-reel or the paperwork/documentation they've been asked to bring, looking like they've just rolled out of bed then sit in the interview picking their nails, swinging on their chairs and calling the MD ''mate.''

    The games industry may be informal but it's supposed to be professional, too.
    But surely the issue there is that they turned up late without having a showreel/documentation/wash, not that they didn't wear a suit.

    I echo MD and CB on this -- I wouldn't dismiss someone in a suit offhand, but it'd set off alarm bells in terms of their understanding of the industry.

    And if they're experienced I'd question whether they were the right fit for the team.
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