#6240873, By iPhone 4th Generation revealed

  • Deleted user 8 June 2010 09:54:33
    Jackface wrote:
    seabass wrote:
    Sorry if it's been asked before, but does anybody know if the 3GS was available straight away on pay as you go? I was thinking I could chop in my 3GS and put the money towards a PAYG Iphone 4, and just using my current SIM (so long as O2 will send me a micro SIM)
    I can't remember but PAYG prices have been announced in the US so there's hope. You're gonna be looking at at least 550 for the 32GB though, probably more.

    Cheers, hmmm, maybe I'll wait and see what O2 offer existing customers, I'm guessing it will be similar to what happened when the 3G first came out. I quite like the idea of being near the end of my contract with a new phone!
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