#6043825, By Aboutstu Final Fantasy XIII first 10 Hours ZZZzzz!? 5/10 Edge it isn't......!

  • Aboutstu 16 Apr 2010 12:20:04 33 posts
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    So it's 10 hours in and after all the slagging off and bitching about it i'm scared to say i'm actually enjoying it..!

    It's true the liner corridor thing is the most restricted of any FF yet, The combat systems still feels vague, and don't get me started on the restricted levelling up.

    But it's not with out it's charms.... the story is very typical but I still find it engaging, most of the Cut scenes amazing, and I still get a that tingle when the boss music starts...... something I only get from Final Fantasy Games!

    I enjoy it more playing in short bursts....... The last FF I had played was X and played nothing else from start to finish in between. This i can play it after a session of ME2 for about half an hour before bed..... It's like a bedtime book!

    I'm cracking on with it smiling.... and reserving judgement till then.... but so far it's just a "not that bad" from me!

    Whatever your view on it "Edge" Mags 5/10 was ridiculous and think it was only done to get us looking, talking and buying about "That" review.... very clever really!
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