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    Optyk wrote:
    Quint2020 wrote:
    Crossover Counters are a good option, while in Block Stun, press the controller to Toward and then press the Assist Button that corresponds to the Assist Character you want to jump in and perform their Cross-Over Counter. A Cross-Over Counter costs one Level of Hyper Meter to perform (shamelessly stolen fro SRK).

    And this would work on an opponent such as Iron Man on the other side of the screen Unibeam spamming?

    I'd say it's got a good chance I can't say I know for certain, perhaps you should try it and see?

    EDIT: You'd also need a character who's assist spanned the screen, I can't say I know of one off the top of my head but I'm sure there are ones, maybe Cap?
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