#6070656, By harrisimo Almost universally acclaimed games that you just can't get into

  • harrisimo 23 Apr 2010 15:17:42 383 posts
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    Fallout 3. I found it dreary and depressing, forever scrabbling around to find broken weapons and bits of ammo while roaming around a ruined grey landscape for hours and hours.

    Was quite enjoying GTA4 until I had to replay a 45 minute long mission four or five times because I kept dying. The final straw was when I finally finished the mission and then drove away in my car, only to hit something, explode in a ball of flame, and have to restart again.

    Fuck you GTA. You're a potentially great game ruined for basic lack of fucking save points. You're supposed to be a "game" ie fun. Let me save when I fucking well like... I hate games that impose difficulty by forcing you to play massive chunks at a time with no saving.
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