#6984237, By gunark Can Nokia turn it around?

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    DazzeL190 wrote:
    Has any of the slivered actually used WP7?

    In terms of smoothness of the touch screen, speed of browser and quality of the keyboard it's second only (and marginally) to iPhone 4.

    The basics are brilliant - the platform just works. The trouble with Android is that it chugs at times even on the beast of a phone that is the Desire HD.

    If Microsoft can retain the Apple quality feel whilst adding more features and growing the marketplace they are on to a winner IMO. Having Nokia on board works for both. MS have struggled to penetrate and now they have Nokia's brand recognition to give them a leg up. Nokia's Symbian is dire at the high end and now they have a great OS to help differentiate them.

    I've used three different (yet Stepfordesquely similar) devices, including on my HD2 and have found wp7 on the whole to be really underwhelming, fourth place to Android / WebOS / iOS in terms of usability. It felt closer to a feature phone OS in so much as being locked down tight, no personalisation. The browser is ok but what's with the lack of an address bar and short keyboard in portrait? It doesn't even have multitasking, and when it will do it has ripped it from WebOS. WP7 feels very clinical and cold, built by committee with no soul. I hope itll grow into something good but, other than Live, Zune and maybe Office, it offers nothing beyond fancy transitions. Just wait till DRM rears it's ugly head too. Android on a 1ghz device will run well if the manufacturer has built it well, and soon 1ghz will be budget. Tegra and Qualcomm dual cores will tear thru it.
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