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    I have just come back from the film and I am in the disappointed camp. I'll say that in terms of what the film makers brought to the table, I was astonished. I have never seen a city being destroyed in quite that way. Kudos. But even for a guy like me, that was virtually brought up in comic-book logic, there was just so much in the film that I either missed or I just plain didn't understand it.

    Maybe some of the guys here can explain some of these things to me.
    Right at the beginning, who were the guys that had the scientist?
    Why did Bruce Wayne recognise that Catwoman stole his fingerprints and still didn't bother to do anyhting about it?
    Unlike quite a lot of people, I had no problem understanding Bane, but I found that quite a bit of dialogue of other people was drowned out by the noise of the film.
    Also, again I may have not paid a lot of attention in the film, but the whole Bane breaking the back of Batman thing. I have to be honest, it did not look like he broke his back. If I hadn't read the Knightfall comic from years ago, I would have just thought he sprained his back. (And where was that bloody prison where Bane/Batman/Talia escaped from?
    Again, I may have not paid enough attention, but I have to embarrassingly say that I think that this is spot on
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