#8877081, By The Dark Knight Rises (Batman 3)

  • Deleted user 21 July 2012 21:28:26
    GuiltySpark wrote:
    It felt quite sloppy in some places to be honest, but that is just Nolan all over. He has some awesome scenes which lets some people forgive the generally bad scenes. Especially the passage of time, it is shown terribly, and it is more important here than in his other Batman films. I'm not sure if it was Michael Caine's acting, or just his lines that were off, but something was. Just because he cried, it doesn't necessarily make it a good performance. The score was fine, but nothing really stood out, and in some places the chants didn't actually really fit thematically what was being shown. I'd have to watch it again to properly get my verdict though.

    Obviously miles ahead than the usual summer dross, but not amazing.
    Excellent summary, couldn't agree more. Despite being so long would like to have seen more of the main characters, Catwoman was played very well, but not enough of her in it. A few things held it back from being a great movie, still good and easily worth a watch.
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