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    Garlvinlandblueblood wrote:
    - I still don't get Bane's plan. Why the guff about his 'revolution' and giving power to the people if one, he's threatening the people with a bomb, and two, he's levelling the city anyway? I admit I'm probably missing something here but not sure what, at the moment it seems like trying to add real world relevance where it doesn't belong, sticks out like a sore thumb./spoiler>
    Talia. Talia is Bane's reason for doing what he does, for destroying Gotham. He is her protector and her friend (Although it seemed clear at the end he obviously wanted it to be more than that.). Talia wished to see out her fathers plan of destroying Gotham, seemed logical to me that Bane would help her.
    That's my take on it anyway.
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