#9325086, By morriss The Dark Knight Rises (Batman 3)

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    I don't see people in this thread saying the film is decent. I've seen "laughable" and derisory and all manner of completely over-the-top negative reactions.

    What you fail to understand is being a Batman fan gives the complete opposite effect of what has been continuously suggested in here. I'm more willing to hate a film's fucking guts for getting it wrong than I am inclined to like it. I want not to like new things. Painting a picture of someone accepting anything with a Batman logo on and defending it blindly is insulting. I'm a huge critic of everything related to the franchise that I believe doesn't do it justice. Hence my opinions on all the other films and most of the comics. However, all I'm reading here is "you like Batman, therefore you have shit in your eyes" which is both lazy, argumentative and plain wrong. Just because you might be like that with Superman, doesn't mean I fall into the same category.

    If any Batman film was of the quality of Superman Returns I'd fucking hate it.
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