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    The interface to the AH is pretty meh though (from a usability standpoint), but the buy-orders are nice.
    Movement is still floaty for diagonal walks (which is mostly an animation issue). The rest is very nice. Nice skill animations, the Asura are clearly inspired by Goblins from an animation standpoint, and very well done. Performance feels nicely improved compared to BWE1
    Most of the time I am severely under-leveled in spite of me being as curious as I can think off. The whole flow seems off (more so in the Asura zone than Humans). I didn't touch crafting, though. Otherwise the difficult is on the difficult side for a Guild Wars-noob like me, but I like it.

    I tried out most ranged professions for varying amounts. Ranger is ok I suppose, but I dislike pets. Engineer seems pretty fun (but mostly interesting for PvP). I really like the idea of the Mesmer and all their animations are pretty nice, but the actual reality of the class feels underwhelming and cumbersome, especially the Clones dying on mob death.
    Which leaves Elementalist, which was actually good fun. At first I was confused by the non-Fire attunements being really underwhelming damage-wise, but you're actually supposed to switch on the fly, and Fire is the only damage attunement.
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