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  • Deleted user 26 August 2012 13:11:31
    Just got 100% completion in Metrica Province, yay.

    Really getting in to the groove now that i have a playstyle i enjoy. Most of the time was fiddling around with which weapons and which utility skills to slot. Some excellent utility skills and you can pretty much make any type of build/playstyle you can think of.

    Found that dual dagger with a poison based build is totally me. Quickly jumping around and doing some funky acrobatics, while putting different poisons on my enemys, everything from dots, stuns, slows, etc. Sword in main hand didnt feel so versatile althourgh it is more damage. I can see while alot of thiefs are using pistols thourgh, as they do great single target damage. But using shortbow in my second slot because sometimes you really dont want to be in melee range also its good when need some AoE.

    Just need to get into the guild and i will have people to talk to.

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