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    I agree with the world feeling really lush and detailed, yet plausible. I can just recommend everyone to do the puzzle in Lion's Arch, starting from the vista in the south-east (close to the windmill). Don't cheat with the internet, just figure it out. Only problem is seeing other people doing some things will spoil the solution.

    Things that annoy me so far:
    - No reordering of abilities on the skill-bar (?)
    - The map is not very good at showing me which bits of a zone are unexplored (it's just slightly "more blurry").
    - When the events work and chain from one bit of the zone to the next, then it's excellent. When it fails and you see the same event happening over and over and over, and are constantly underleveled for the hearts you can see, then it's rather frustrating.
    - Mostly cooldown-based ability restriction. Combat in huge groups looks impressive, but my effect on anything (or even hitting mobs in time) feels negligible.
    - Not enough tutorials (combo fields, buffs, stacking, stats). I have a combo I can do that does awesome damage. I have no clue why it works so well, though.
    - Crafting is nearly impossible to keep at level (without Trade Post or grinding for mats)

    I'm having a good time, though. That, and dying a lot (level 25 Elementalist)... ;)
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