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    Sharzam wrote:
    Are you guys going for 100% on all zones? I know we cant technically out level content but i am conflicted. The part of me that likes to complete everything and then the part of me that wants to see new higher places.

    For example iam lvl27 and need jute cloth for my crafting so i go to the Charr starter zone but low and behold a whole new unexplored zone. Do i just get my cloth and leave to carry on my late 20s adventure or go for 100% completion in starter area. Oh the conflict.

    Regards FPS, iam on i5-2500k@4.8ghz, 16gb ram and GTX 570 overclocked to 580 levels, also installed on SSD. It can be anything from 120fps (monitor refresh) in cities. To 30-50fps in crazy WvW moments but it is never lower than 30fps and is generally at 80fps most of the time in the open world.

    If GW2 is anything like other MMOs then it will be heavy on the CPU and RAM, more than other games anyway. Also due to the open world nature of MMO zones a SSD can make quite a difference to things like draw distance and pop in.

    Oh and one last thought, dont know if applies to the GTX 295 but with the newer 5/6 series the latest official driver isn't to good. But installed the latest beta driver from nvidea and gives a nice boost.

    edit: By ram i mean you cant get away with 4gb, but you dont need 16gb. 8gb is fine as its still a 32bit game and so cant use more than 4gb itself leaving 4gb for windows/system.

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    So that's the key, I only have 4gb ram, so a quick trip to PCW for 2 4gb sticks may solve my issues, I still run xp on my rig as I prefer it will 8gb pose any issues?
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