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    After a full weekend of play, I must say it's one of the more enjoyable MMO's I've played in recent years. It performs beautifully, even when two dozen players are hammering a veteran or higher mob and you're stood right in the middle.

    Really enjoying the weapon combinations abilities, currently dual-wielding daggers on my Elem in Fire or Earth spec (love that top earth AoE). Dipping into Tailoring and Jewelecrafting, really like the discovery aspect of it and all the abilities to upgrade various items/weapons/armour. Feels nicely fleshed out in that respect.

    The only two things that are bugging me are the stupid overflow system meaning you can't always group up with people and the fact that you get de-levelled down to the area level you're in. I always enjoyed going back to previously tricky places and blitzing them with my higher level toon but I guess this helps to balance things somewhat and it also makes tradeskill gathering much more than a mundane task that WoW presents. It also means that if you're going for area completion, it's much more than just a run through/quest roll-over. Rewards aside (being realistically too low for you to get any use out of), it means you have to think about everything you do if you're going to be a completist.

    All in all, thoroughly enjoying it and I've only just tipped over 20. Marvellous stuff!
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