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    SClaw wrote:
    @JediMasterMalik Boooo. Deso sucks. I swear you guys are cheating in wvw :p
    Last time I tried we lost big time, losing on both maps. Then again I'm only 35.

    rodpad wrote:
    JediMasterMalik wrote:
    Holy shit my thread is still going. And Holy shit I haven't posted here in aaaaages. Hi?

    Anyway my ID is Maleficence.1962 and I am on desolation if anyone wishes to add me.
    We're all in the EG guild on the Gunnars Hold server. The guild has over 100 members now.

    I'd use the free transfer if I were you. We all moved off Desolation because it was so full on launch that it was denying anybody to join.
    Might be a good idea, I have only 1 real life friend on desolation which is why I chose it but being in a big EG guild would be nice. Having said that I did find a decent sized guild the other day. Don't feel attached yet though so could happily leave I suppose.
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