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    Dr_Mech wrote:

    There should be other pets fairly close to your racial starting area.

    Look for an animal with a green name called "juvenile (whatever the species is)" walk upto them and the option to charm them should come up, this will give you your next pet, allowing you to swap between the two of them.

    If you want I can give a link to where all of the pets are located or you can have fun exploring and looking for yourself if you'd prefer it that way.

    My two standard pets are:
    On ground:
    Forest Spider: Good range and a nasty poison debuff.

    Red Moa: +20% Crit for 10 seconds for the entire party.

    The Moa will get switched out for one of the Bears if I need a tank or Lynx if I need pure DPS.

    Blue Jellyfish: Has a healing AoE and a massive damage spinning AoE.
    Shark: Pure DPS.
    Like the Red Moa the shark will be switched out for Armourfish if I need a tank.
    Excellent thanks! I have seen juvenile animals already, just did not make the connection.
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