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    curtlikesmeat wrote:
    I'm still playing, if a bit more sporadically than launch month. I haven't really read many news sites about it, is population dwindling? What are people playing instead?
    I've not noticed a decrease, the game still seems to be pretty busy. The only real problem is that everyone is being funnelled into the same few zones, or they're just busy doing the Fractals of the Mists, which gives out ridiculously good items.

    Hang around Orr for farming or do any of the big Dragon World Events too and you'll see hundreds of people.. there's just not much reason to go back to lower levelled zones, so playing as a new character can get a bit lonely. Hopefully that's something they can fix later on.

    But I'd expect to see another big influx on Friday too. If they can keep the large-ish updates like this coming at a regular pace, I don't think they'll have any issues with the population.
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