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    I picked this up a few days ago as I wanted something to mess around with that didn't have the 'commitment-issues' I associate with WoW (though I keep my account active as GW has no sub fee). I've tried tons of MMOs over the years, but have always ended up back in Azeroth and I'm pretty attached to my druid that I made at launch.

    That being said, I've REALLY enjoyed GW2 so far. Only level 15 on my 'main' (at least, first char), so can't really comment as to its longevity or endgame, but I certainly feel like I'll get my 50 worth.

    I'm actually on Desolation, but none of my WoW guild play, so if there was an EG guild happy to accept a casual player, and a verifiable GW nub, then I'd definitely sign up :)
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