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    teamHAM wrote:
    So I've been thinking about getting into this. Seven years of WoW and now I have a choice between getting Mists of Pandaria or this. I've read the reviews and how "there is no end game" in GW2 but people are telling me there is a lot of other things going for this game.

    Any thoughts from anyone? Is there an EG guild and does it have any members? And are there any recommendations where to buy the game. The official website and Amazon want a whopping 50 for the standard edition!
    It really depends on what type of game you're looking for. The exploration/adventuring side of things in GW2 are really amazing, but there's much less of a focus on "numbers". Gear levels out at a certain point, so there's no a constant grind to look for better and better equipment, which is why a lot of people claim there's no "end game". There's a lot to do, but if you need the carrot on a stick to keep playing, you'll find there's little to strive for besides cosmetics.

    Updates to the achievement/reward system in the coming months seems to be an attempt to add some direction though. Basically, it's not something everyone will enjoy, but if you do, there's a lot there to love.

    As for the price, it has been on sale a couple of times, but considering there's no subscription costs, they're banking on making most of the profit from box sales and future expansions, so I wouldn't expect any significant price drops for a very long time and considering the amount of content in the game and the amount of free updates we've had since launch, it's really hard to argue with.
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