#9329730, By Dgzter Guild Wars 2

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    I'm having a blast with the levelling at the moment (currently lvl27), particularly experimenting with weapon swapping and combos. I'll obviously only be able to judge endgame if and when I get there, but so far so good for the time being.

    As a relative noob, I was completely unaware of the new patch being deployed last night until I received a three minute 'Server Restart' warning in the middle of a longish dynamic events chain - finished it with less than 15 seconds to go before I was booted :) felt pretty pleased with myself.

    It plays a bit crap on my five year old laptop, although it's probably a miracle at all that it works, but it's making a very casual and welcome change to my old MMO habits - and worryingly I find that 'completing' zones and exploring the map is really working for me in terms of game time and achieveable goals etc.
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