#6109970, By princessbaby87x Anybody want to help me beat Left 4 Dead 2?

  • princessbaby87x 4 May 2010 18:26:06 164 posts
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    thenastypasty wrote:
    princessbaby87x wrote:
    thenastypasty wrote:
    Next time I'm playing MW2 I'll drop you an invite.

    Shark,she is real I've talked to her on live.

    Okay sounds good =]
    what do u like to play?
    team deathmatch? demolition? which one?

    I don't mind playing any game type really but I play team deathmatch and search and destroy the most.

    Yeah I dont mind playing any of them either. I like them all. Search and destroy is crazy... what classes do you recommend for search?

    I like playing *mosh pit* and it throws different games so one minute im playing demolotion next minute im playing hardcore haha
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