#6110569, By princessbaby87x Anybody want to help me beat Left 4 Dead 2?

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    mingster wrote:
    I'm not surprised we have a distinct lack of women on even half decent newbies on this forum.
    The way you treat newcomers i'm surprised any one bothers to post again half of the time.
    Most of you rreally are extremely unwelcoming and distrusting.
    You all shoot first and ask questions later.
    Can you not actually believe a new user really is who they say they are without giveing tem the 3rd degree first and harrassing them within minutes of posting?
    I actually feel like apoligizing for people behaviour on here sometimes.
    So immature.

    I agree with you 100%.
    :)) thx for the welcome..

    I like this forum because it has a ignore button, so if somebody types something mean to me I just press that button, and I leave it like that forever! :))

    The reason why I came on here is to meet people to play Left 4 Dead 2 with and Cod mw2. I love video games, and yeah Im a girl so what? Girls play video games too ya know? :)
    Not a big deal!! :D
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