#6110746, By princessbaby87x Anybody want to help me beat Left 4 Dead 2?

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    mingster wrote:
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    mingster wrote:
    searching on this forum and going through and reading pages and pages of **official** threads is quite a chore and this has probably already been posted but this link should help you find people to play


    add the gamertag EG L4D2 it should help.

    whos gamer tag is that lol i added it

    Its a generic gamertag created by binarybob to find players of L4D2.
    I can't say how well it works as i don't actually have that game.
    There should be some players on in the same timezone as you but a lot are probably in Europe.

    Although it is a game i want to try. I liked the original PC version.
    I find it quite hard to play shooters with the Xbox pad i'm used to a mouse and keyboard.
    How do you find the aiming on the xbox version is it tricky?
    I should really buy it as i did enjoy the first one.

    He has created this group as well there is an option for +add group on the right of the page once you click on it.

    I used to play play station , and I never wanted to play xbox.
    But then my ex told me I should just give xbox a try....
    So thats how I got started playing xbox, now I cant even play playstation anymore, because Im so used to the way the xbox 360 controllers are set up....but I bet if I bought a ps3 I would get used to it after a few hours...

    i mean left 4 dead 2 is fun, u just gotta have the right people to play with.... if ur playing with a bunch of noobs then its no fun cuz when ur dying in the game, ppl arnt even helpin to bring u back to life and that ssuxxx lol
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